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Cannabible Clone List 90’s – 2000s 07-29-22 S04 E04

Breeders Syndicate Podcast
Breeders Syndicate Podcast
Cannabible Clone List 90's - 2000s 07-29-22 S04 E04

Welcome to Breeders Syndicate 2.0 – This is the new improved Breeders Syndicate fully run and operated by Matthew Riot. Accept no imitations. This is Season 4 Episode 1 – We travel through the many faceted world of Cannabis Scents with Crybaby Organics. He goes through all of the different types of scent in cannabis, no, not everything is a terpene. We go through his brand new Cannabis Scent Exploration Kit (Link below) and go into detail about the perception of scents.

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