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The Hotseat W Riot feat Zomia Collective Chocolate Thai, Sticks, Squirrel Tail and Landraces E01

Breeders Syndicate Podcast
Breeders Syndicate Podcast
The Hotseat W Riot feat Zomia Collective Chocolate Thai, Sticks, Squirrel Tail and Landraces E01

Welcome to Breeders Syndicate 2.0 – This is the new improved Breeders Syndicate fully run and operated by Matthew Riot. Accept no imitations. This is Episode 1 of The Hotseat with Riot featuring Brendan of Zomia Collective.
We start our journey by understanding what a landrace is and isn’t… what are some of the traits commonly seen in Landraces overall, and then we get into specific areas. This episode we mostly stuck to Thailand, Laos, India, and even a pit stop in Cambodia. We uncover the history of Chocolate Thai, The Squirrel and Tiger Tail, The Snakes Teeth and many, many more. Unlike Breeders Syndicate proper shows, this one is also deeply set in a specific political ideology that involves making sure to take care of our fellow humans. I understand that a lot of my views aren’t popular (Punk Rockers dont usually slide into the mainstream) but the views me and Brendan share in common revolve specifically on taking care of these landrace farmers so that they can continue to grow these landraces at their point of origin and NOT feel the need for a push to modernize their strains. It takes deeply ideological folks to go into these distant regions and meet the farmers on the ground. It costs a great deal of personal finances and there is absolutely a risk to ones safety in some of these areas. So we also go into detail about the mission of Zomia Collective as it pertains to Cannabis and in other areas. I am absolutely fascnated by Brendan – there are some folks you meet in cannabis and you immediately realize that they are one of our tribe. He is indeed, one of our tribe. He is doing what he is doing for all of the right reasons, in my opinion, and without their group (he repeatedly mentions it is not jusr him) and groups like theirs, we actually stand a chance at seeing some of these heritage strains continue. This is one of many interviews I will be doing with the Zomia crew. For being in the hotseat, this man aced it with flying colors.
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