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The House of Madjag EPIC Smuggling & Growing with Jim and Raho S06 E02

Breeders Syndicate Podcast
The House of Madjag EPIC Smuggling & Growing with Jim and Raho S06 E02

Welcome to Breeders Syndicate 2.0 – This is the new improved Breeders Syndicate fully run and operated by Matthew Riot. Accept no imitations. This is Season 6 Episode 2, Part 2 of the Madjag Chronicles.
The Last episode we joined Jim from the Madjag crew and Raho and got caught up on what exactly the Madjag Canyon was, what was roughly grown there, how long it lasted, etc. We also briefly dove into Raho’s entrance into cannabis and how his formative years were influenced by the colombians and mexicans going around… so much to the point he was inspired to start taking detailed notes of all of them.
Part 2 leads off with us catching people up to speed and into the detailed maps of the garden starting in 1979. We go through Jim’s notes as we meander more into the story of the cartels, Rafael Gallardo and the infamous Sinseilla super bud strain and its origins as shown in the TV Show “Narcos Mexico.” Enjoy Part 2 o the Madjag and Raho Chronicles.
I HIGHLY suggest to anyone who loves this show to visit this page prior to listening, so you truly understand the magnitude of the tale that will be unfolding over the next several weeks,
Again, a true blessing and honor… Absolutely humbling to be the guys to help deliver Jim and Raho’s tales. I was ear to ear grinning for 2 hours.
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